Sunday, January 23, 2011

Some of my new FAVORITE trends!

Hey everyone! I'm back at you to share 3 trends that I have been adoring lately!

The first trend is turquoise rings. These babies can range from super cheap to super expensive. (of course, the super cheap ones will be fake.) I've been wanting a turquoise ring ever since I saw that meganheartsmakeup youtube beauty guru) wore one everyday. I picked myself up a turquoise ring from forever21 the other day. I've been wearing it ever since. Even with clothes that didn't have the color turquoise in it! Seriously, this is now a staple of my outfit. Here is my turquoise ring. (to the right)

The second trend I will be sharing with you today is white watches. Preferably ones with diamonds around the face. Once again, these can range between cheap to expensive. I picked mine up at rue21 for $10. And once again, i have been wearing it ever since! These watches can match anything and they are also super fresh looking. And the diamonds add spice to any outfit. This watch that I purchased doesn't look cheap either. It's very comfortable and easy to read. I recommend it greatly! Here is the watch I purchased. (to the left.)

Okay, and the last trend I will be sharing today is floral prints. I have been OBSESSED with anything floral. Floral shoes, shirts, skirts, dresses, headbands, you name it! Floral is so hot for spring. It's bold, colorful, and sweet. Right now you can find floral patterns basically everywhere (forever21, american eagle, love culture, rue21..) for a really affordable price! To the right is an example of a really "in" floral pattern!

So hopefully this was helpful to you! I am really in love with these trends and I hope this inspired you to go out and purchase some of these items!


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