Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Skin Care

For this blog post I thought I'd share all the skin care products I use! I'm going to post a picture then I little description below it. Okay, let's get started!

This product above is my face cleanser. It's call
ed the Aveeno "POSITIVELY RADIANT" Cleanser. I use this
in the shower at night before I go to bed. I love this cleanser because it doesn't dry out my skin and it is very gentle.

When I wake up in the morning I like to clean my face again. This is the Aveeno "POSITIVELY RADIANT" cleansing pads. One side is soft and the other side is gritty so it will gently exfoliate your skin. I really like these for morning because I think it just makes my face look fresh for the day.

This is my Equate "ABSOLUTELY BEAMING" Moisturizer. This is basically Wal-Marts dupe for the Aveeno "Positively Radiant" Moisturizer. I decided to buy this one because the Aveeno one was $15 but this one was only $5. It does it's job by moisturizing. :)

This is my Clean & Clear "DAILY PORE" Toner. This toner leaves a really cool feeling on my face and that is why I like it. I use this every other day because I have dry skin in the winter. After you apply this make sure you moisturize your face right after it dries!

And last but not least is my exfoliator! This is the Clean & Clear "SOFT- IN SHOWER FACIAL". This leaves a clean, minty feel on your face after you use it. Basically what you do is put the product all over your face, wait one minute, then rinse it off while exfoliating your face.

So, that is it! I hope this helped you! Have a great day! xoxo

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