Monday, January 31, 2011

Swatches for my January Favorites Video!

If you haven't watched the video- See it here! (:

left-to-right: Benefit Lip Gloss, Maybelline Lipstick, Maybelline superstay stain

Dior Holiday Quad

Five Benefit Eyeshadows from "Her Name Was Glowla" Palette

Brown Palladio Eye Ink Eyeliner - (up top is tapestry taupe by CoverGirl)

"Tapestry Taupe" Cover Girl Single Eyeshadow

Revlon Cream Eyeshadows in "Skin Lights"

(Left-to-Right) NARS Laguna Bronzer, Revlon "Berry Flirtatious" Cream Blush, Wet n' Wild Mineral Bronzer in "Amber Glow"

Friday, January 28, 2011

Swatches & Mini Review! Maybelline Shine Sensational Lipsticks

^Pansy modeling with the lipstick

I got this lipstick from CVS last week. I got it for 50% off because they were having that big sale where a lot of products were 50-70% off! I got the color "Plaza Pink." Which is a mauve-y pink color! So pretty!
The color is very pigmented. It's a very natural color to my lips, it just enhances them and makes them feel smooth. Speaking of smooth, DANG, this lipstick is slick! It feels so creamy and nice. Mmmmm..

It's a tad bit drying. Not overwhelmingly drying though! Just apply a thin layer of lipbalm before applying and your lips will feel moisturized! :)

So overall, I totally recommend this lipstick! Deff pick it up next time your at the drugstore!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Skin Care

For this blog post I thought I'd share all the skin care products I use! I'm going to post a picture then I little description below it. Okay, let's get started!

This product above is my face cleanser. It's call
ed the Aveeno "POSITIVELY RADIANT" Cleanser. I use this
in the shower at night before I go to bed. I love this cleanser because it doesn't dry out my skin and it is very gentle.

When I wake up in the morning I like to clean my face again. This is the Aveeno "POSITIVELY RADIANT" cleansing pads. One side is soft and the other side is gritty so it will gently exfoliate your skin. I really like these for morning because I think it just makes my face look fresh for the day.

This is my Equate "ABSOLUTELY BEAMING" Moisturizer. This is basically Wal-Marts dupe for the Aveeno "Positively Radiant" Moisturizer. I decided to buy this one because the Aveeno one was $15 but this one was only $5. It does it's job by moisturizing. :)

This is my Clean & Clear "DAILY PORE" Toner. This toner leaves a really cool feeling on my face and that is why I like it. I use this every other day because I have dry skin in the winter. After you apply this make sure you moisturize your face right after it dries!

And last but not least is my exfoliator! This is the Clean & Clear "SOFT- IN SHOWER FACIAL". This leaves a clean, minty feel on your face after you use it. Basically what you do is put the product all over your face, wait one minute, then rinse it off while exfoliating your face.

So, that is it! I hope this helped you! Have a great day! xoxo

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fitness Routine

Hi blogees. I thought I would do a post on my fitness routine and how I keep myself in shape. Most of you probably do not know that I run track. I run the 200 meter dash, 400 meter dash, and I also do pole vault. Track season is in the spring-early summer so how do I keep in shape during the fall and winter? Well, I'm going to share with you right now!
To the right is my shoes. They are the BROOKS Adrenaline GTS 11. I bought
them for $99.99 at FinishLine. Beside them I have my under armor socks that I bought t
oday. They are supposed to flick away the sweat from your foot preventing blisters & such. Pretty coo
l, eh?
Well anyway, back to my 'fitness routine.' Every week I run a minimum of 2.5 miles. On Mondays and Fridays I go to the gym and run 10 laps each time that I go. At the gym I go to, their track is 200 meters. 1600 meters = 1 mile. Which means 8 laps around that track would equal 1 mile. Since I'm running 10 laps it would equal 1.25 miles. Since I run 10 laps twice a week that means I run 2.5 miles. (Hopefully that made sense, ha ha) And addition to those laps I also take a speed and agility class at my gym.
The speed and agility class is once a week for one hour. They basically have you running different courses the whole time. In one of the courses there is two cones. You doing pushups until the coach says "go." Right when he says go you have to jump into your running stance and sprint to the first cone, then you turn completely around (sounds harder than it seems, Isometimes slip when I do this XD) then you run back, turn around, then sprint as hard as you can to the last cone. Now, you are racing with other people too. :)
So the speed and agility class really keeps my heart working. That course was only one of the many.. :)
I thought I might as well throw in how I keep in shape during the summer. I have an in-ground pool in my backyard, so I basically swim every day. I have been swimming since I was about three years old. Swimming works so many things- your arms, legs, abs, breathing, SO MUCH! So that is a really, really good way to get some exercise!
So that is basically it! I hope this helped you! May you all have a happy week!

Monday, January 24, 2011

*HIGH END* Make-up Wishlist!

Oh, makeup.. You tease me so..I decided to do this blog post because makeup brands have been putting out new products like crazy! (i'm not complaining though, (; )

Today I will post my wish list for 'high end' products.

1. Mac Paint Pot in 'Dangerous Cuvee'

2. MAC Glaze Lipstick in 'Phlox'

3. Urban Decay Naked Palette

4. YSL Volume Effet Faux Cils Mascara

5. Nars Fashion Icon Set

6. Michael Todd Long Wear Cream Eyeshadow in Fortress

7. Mac Lustreglass Mini in Budding

And I think that's about it! If I think of more I will edit it in!


Sunday, January 23, 2011

Some of my new FAVORITE trends!

Hey everyone! I'm back at you to share 3 trends that I have been adoring lately!

The first trend is turquoise rings. These babies can range from super cheap to super expensive. (of course, the super cheap ones will be fake.) I've been wanting a turquoise ring ever since I saw that meganheartsmakeup youtube beauty guru) wore one everyday. I picked myself up a turquoise ring from forever21 the other day. I've been wearing it ever since. Even with clothes that didn't have the color turquoise in it! Seriously, this is now a staple of my outfit. Here is my turquoise ring. (to the right)

The second trend I will be sharing with you today is white watches. Preferably ones with diamonds around the face. Once again, these can range between cheap to expensive. I picked mine up at rue21 for $10. And once again, i have been wearing it ever since! These watches can match anything and they are also super fresh looking. And the diamonds add spice to any outfit. This watch that I purchased doesn't look cheap either. It's very comfortable and easy to read. I recommend it greatly! Here is the watch I purchased. (to the left.)

Okay, and the last trend I will be sharing today is floral prints. I have been OBSESSED with anything floral. Floral shoes, shirts, skirts, dresses, headbands, you name it! Floral is so hot for spring. It's bold, colorful, and sweet. Right now you can find floral patterns basically everywhere (forever21, american eagle, love culture, rue21..) for a really affordable price! To the right is an example of a really "in" floral pattern!

So hopefully this was helpful to you! I am really in love with these trends and I hope this inspired you to go out and purchase some of these items!