Monday, July 19, 2010

Too Faced- Walk of Shame Set REVIEW

Last week, I ordered the Too Faced- Walk of Shame Set from Sephora and I received it the other day.
If your not familiar with this value set from Too Faced, here it is,

It includes;
- Mini Primed & Poreless Face Primer (colorless application)
- Exclusive Compact with Shadows/Bronzer
- Shadow Insurance Eye Shadow Primer (colorless application)
- Lip of Luxury Lipstick in Totally Nude
- Too Faced Toothbrush
- Oral Fixation Mints

I will be reviewing this set one by one starting with the makeup bag.
This set includes a lingerie inspired bag, that I was expecting to be a little 'cheap'. When I received it I was surprised how good quality it really was. I actually used it for travel on Saturday, and it was perfect! Just the size I needed. So I give the bag a perfect five star rating.

Next is the mini primed and poreless face primer. This stuff is wonderful. A GREAT product. Of course, it comes in the sample size, but once I have used all that up I will be saving my cash for the full 1 oz. bottle! I mainly use this product on and around my nose area and it completely takes all my 'shine' away and is overall a wonderful, wonderful product. a MUST HAVE! Another perfect five stars.

Next is the compact with shadows and bronzer. The specific bronzer is the sun bunny bronzer. and the 2 eyeshadows are totally toasted and silk teddy. the compact is great! A really good size with some really good products in it. The bronzer is perfect for medium skin tones and shimmery (but not TOO shimmery). The eyeshadows are shimmery also, but if you balance it out with a matte highlight it looks great! And plus, the mirror in the compact just completes the compact! ANOTHER perfect rating.

Next I will be reviewing the shadow insurance eye primer. Anyone who uses eye primer has to know that shadow insurance is one of the best ones out there. And you get a FULL SIZE tube in this kit. yep, you heard me, FULL SIZE. And the full size bottle is $17 alone. And your getting all these products for $19? What a steal! Another 5 stars.

Next is the lipstick in "Totally nude" This nude lipstick has more neutral undertones (other than pink undertones) and it compliments every skintone, I believe. And this is a full sized tube as well. The texture is very smooth and creamy, and it is long lasting. I've gotta say this again... ANOTHER FIVE STAR!

Next is the toothbrush. EVERYONE needs a travel toothbrush. and a pink one? that's even better. 5 stars.

Next the mints. These mints are caffeinated! And taste very very very good! So only eat them if you NEED caffeine, or else you'll make the mistake like me and eat all 3 mints at 9PM and stay up till 4AM because of them. -_-. And as I said before, it contains 3 mints. That are very yummy. :P my only complaint is the package is paper. I would of really enjoyed a tin box! So, I'll give that a 4 star.

So, my overall rating for this set is FIVE STARS!
Too Faced did it again!

$19 (USD)

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